Fantastic Foaling Video Blog by CSU

We love what Dr. McCue and the staff at the Colorado State University Equine Reproduction Lab are up to, publishing educational digital video blogs via Youtube!  An excellent embrace of today’s technology and a powerful way to obtain free training and information that can benefit your equine breeding operation.  You can view the most recent post from CSU here, focused on care for your mare during foaling season.

In this digital video blog, Dr. McCue and Dr. Ferris provide an informational presentation on key elements of mare and foal care.  The concept for a successful foaling season is to be prepared and have information as to how to address difficult foaling challenges.  During the live blog, they discuss a number of fantastic products which can assist a breeding manager or veterinarian in overcoming these challenges, described below.


Hydrion pH Strips

Hydrion pH Strips for Foaling Prediction is a fantastic product that is very cost effective and easy to use.  More and more farms are turning to this product for a better prediction of when their mares will foal. One simply tests the mare’s milk once a day and when the pH levels fall below 7.0 most mares will foal with in 24 hours. It is just that easy!  More product information is available on the Breeder’s Choice website, including links to data and studies, here.

Another great product mentioned by Dr. McCue and Dr. Ferris in the video blog is the Predict-A-Foal Kit.  This is an easy-to-use test kit for predicting


Predict-A-Foal Kit

the possibility of foaling within 12 hours with up to 95% accuracy. The test kit is designed to test for levels of cations in the colostrum, the calcium level in the mare’s milk.  At the Equine Breeding Blog, we have personal experience using this product and it is truly a great tool for the breeding manager!  Breeder’s Choice distributes this product, read more about Predict-A-Foal and how it can benefit your operation here.

A big thank you to CSU and the staff for putting together such a great series of video blogs to help educate the equine breeding industry!

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