AAEP Annual Convention

The Annual Convention for The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) is scheduled for 1-5 December in Anaheim, CA.  If you’re not familiar with the organization, AAEP was founded in 1954 by a group of 11 charter members who saw that together they could direct the focus of equine veterinary medicine. Today, the AAEP, headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, represents an educated group of men and women who cover a broad range of equine disciplines, breeds and associations. Over 10,000 veterinarians and veterinary students in 57 countries are members of the AAEP.

The AAEP’s mission is to improve the health and welfare of the horse, to further the professional development of its members, and to provide resources and leadership for the benefit of the equine industry. These principles have guided the AAEP for more than 50 years in the activities and services it provides.  The organization and especially the annual convention is a fantastic way to become more connected with the equine practitioners, new techniques and technologies, and the equine industry.  To qualify to become a member, an applicant must be a graduate from a college or school of veterinary medicine or is licensed in good standing to practice veterinary medicine in the United States or Canada.  Corporations serving this industry can also be members.

During the AAEP’s 58th Annual Convention, attendees will go from “how to” to “can do” as you develop knowledge that will transition to your day-to-day treatment of patients. The educational program provides the opportunity to: Learn imaging techniques to get a fast, clear picture of the problem, Get the facts behind medications and your legal limitations, Learn resourceful skills to perform joint treatments in the field, Develop your understanding of areas of equine health that are inevitably addressed in practice, including dermatology, ophthalmology and dentistry, Master the form and function of the foot for complete diagnostic competency, Observe ethical standards of conduct to uphold your practice’s integrity, and Prepare for critical care scenarios. Here is AAEP’s website for the 58th Annual Convention.

Breeder’s Choice is a proud member of AAEP serving the equine reproduction industry.  We’ll be attending the event this year in Anaheim with a GREAT new product announcement.  This new product will be on display  and is anticipated to create quite the buzz, so make sure you follow us on Twitter to hear about all the buzz!!  Check out our website in the coming week and you’ll get a chance to get a sneak peek at this new product.

If you will attending AAEP this year, please let us know! We’d love to host you in our booth. Check out the AAEP 2012 app that gives you the low down on schedule of events and booth locations.

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