INRA 96 Extender

What is INRA 96?

Breeder’s Choice, Inc. is a proud supplier of INRA 96 extender, produced by IMV Technologies under license from INRA, The French National Institute for Agricultural Research. INRA’s research is guided by developments in scientific fields and focuses on worldwide challenges related to food and nutrition, the environment and land use facing the world of agriculture and agronomics.  INRA produces fundamental knowledge that leads to innovation and know-how for society.

INRA 96 Extender is a conservation extender for stallion semen.  All milk based extenders available on the market today contain all of the soluble and micellar proteins. Through a patented process, INRA 96 semen extender contains only the purified fractions of the milk micellar protein. These proteins have proven favorably to protecting sperm cells, especially in stallions with various fertility issues.

As identified in studies by INRA at the French National Stables, the following information is based on results obtained in vivo and in vitro.

What are the Advantages of INRA 96?

  • It has proven to be beneficial for use in subfertile stallions or in ejaculates that are susceptible to cooling or preservation at 4oC.
  • It can be used to preserve semen at 4oC and at 15oC for 24 hours. Some results obtained in France suggest INRA 96 can be used to preserve semen up to 72 hours.
  • It is ready to use, presented in a liquid form. No dilution is needed.
  • It is a sterile solution.

INRA 96 contains penicillin, gentamicin and the fungicide Amphotericin B.  INRA 96 may be frozen if not used completely. However, it is recommend that it only be thawed once.  It should be noted that the French protocol for diluting and inseminating equine sperm includes smaller doses and a lower concentration of sperm cells per dose (10 ml with 20 * 106 per ml).  Doses inseminated in France may contain as little as 10 ml of semen.

Where Can I Get INRA 96?

Imported by IMV Technologies, Breeder’s Choice offers INRA 96 in any quantity through their website here.  Technical information and details related to studies performed by INRA can be found here.

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    Have just discovered your site whilst researching Artificial Breeding and was amazed to find a photograph of our Arabian Stallion “Naaziim” on your blog. This photo was taken at Long Reef Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia many years ago by my husband. He was a magnificent animal.. V. Camilleri, Australia..

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